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Since 1998 Marco studies Qi Gong, traditional Yang Style Long Hand Form and Tui-Shou with Gianpiero Farina through group and one-to-one tuition, as well as seminars.

In 2000 he took part to a seminar on traditional Yang Style Long Hand Form run by Master Ermanno Cozzi.

In 2001 and in 2003 he traveled to the P.R.C., taking part to group and one-to-one lessons on the Yang Style Short Hand Form run by Master Wa.

Since 2002 he's undergoing one-to-one Tui-Shou tuition and training with Giampiero Farina.

In 2004 he took  group lessons on  Yang Style Short Hand Form and Tui-Shou at a “Tai Chi School” in Forlì.

Since 2005 he takes part to all seminars run by UISP - ADO (Oriental Disciplines Section) in Modena.  

Since 2006 he studies traditional Yang Style Sword Form through group lessons. 

In 2007 Marco obtained the "Tai Chi Chuan Instructor" diploma from UISP-ADO.

In 2008 he taught Qi Gong with the Shaolin Mon school, at the CAM centres.

In 2008 Marco obtained the "First level Qi Gong Instructor" diploma from UISP- ADO. 


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