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Tai Ji Quan (Tai Chi Chuan) is an ancient Chinese martial art based on the philosophical representation of Tai Ji (Tai Chi), the continuous and dynamic interaction between the key Taoist concepts of Yin-Yang.

It's a way of nurturing and developing one's essence, bringing harmony and physical vigour to those who practice it.

It's a form of exercise done through a precise, continuous sequence of concatenating, slow, circular and flowing movements, all executed in as relaxed a way as possible.  

Learning and practising a series of sets, commonly known as "The Form", builds up a defence-attack frame peculiar to this style of martial art. This whilst increasing several "abilities" such as: coordination, balance, breathing, relaxation, a correct posture, mental and physical stamina, concentration, patience, perseverance, memory, wilfulness, inner and outer perception , the sense of timing, distance and much more. 

Nurturing these qualities is paramount for a "fighter", but it can also be very useful in everyday life.

Constant practice can increase our "vital energy", according to the Chinese conception of the energy flow. It regulates the functions of internal organs and stabilizes blood pressure; stimulates the nervous system without strain for the heart; makes us breathe better while moving and strengthening bones and tissues.  

Tai Ji Quan is also an excellent form of physical exercise for the elderly, a practice to increase longevity and is increasingly used as for rehab therapy  in a number of hospitals.

Several artistic disciplines such as painting, sculpture, music, dance, theatre and mime also use Tai Ji as a complementary activity to increase their participants' bodily awareness.


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