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Since 2001 Barbara studies Qi Gong, traditional Yang Style Long Hand Form and Tui-Shou with Gianpiero Farina through group and one-to-one lessons, as well as seminars.

Since 2005 she takes part to all seminars run by UISP-ADO (Oriental Disciplines Section) in Modena.

Since 2006 she studies the traditional Yang Style Sword Form through group lessons .

In 2007 Barbara obtained the "Tai Chi Chuan Instructor" diploma from UISP-ADO.

Since 2008 she teaches Qi Gong and Yang Style Tai Ji Quan at the Mandala Centre in Milan.

In 2008 she taught Qi Gong with the Shaolin Mon school, at the UISP-affiliated CAM centres.

In 2008 Barbara obtained the "First level Qi Gong Instructor" diploma from UISP- ADO. 


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